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Spy On Thai - Past, Present, Future

We have had many years experience as detectives in ‘foreign countries’ Business and Personal surveillance, recording and collecting data to assist our customers with their requirements. All our detective agents are trained and experienced specialists within all aspects of investigational techniques. We use both Thai Nationals and Western agents (Farangs) We first started a detective agency in the United Kingdom 23 years ago and quickly ventured into Europe covering assignments.

After emigrating to Thailand some 14 years ago to start a new life and possibly buy a Business, I David Hill soon realized there was as much need in Thailand if not more for an honest, reliable detective company company. I then joined forces with an already established Thai detective agency and created SpyOnThai detectives combining our years of knowledge and experience.

Using our vast network of contacts we are able to recover virtually any information (Background, Marriage and more…). Business or Personal. Our contacts have taken years of hard work, trust and of course payment to assemble and are an incredibly valuable source whenever an investigation is active. These sources alone can solve and investigation and give you the answer your require or in conjunction with other services like surveillance or undercover work.

If for example we are on surveillance and the subject we are watching is collected by someone else we have the ability if needed to look up who this person is, where they live what work they do etc etc.

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