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Surveillance you pay 60% before and the balance upon completion of the job, as we have the confidence in our abilities and experience to complete every assignment we undertake. In Bangkok our standard team consist 4 staff and 2 vehicles (1 car/truck and 1 motorbike which is needed to maintain surveillance in a busy city where routes and types of transport a subject can take is so varied.

We can reduce to one vehicle and 2 staff which is still 1 more than what other agencies give you anyway but just not tell you but for Bangkok if a proper job is required this is not advisable. Note: If you would like the results as we perform the investigation day to day then 100% is payable in advance. In professional circles the saying goes 2 is 1 and 1 in none!!!

Confidential Documentation is available on most Thai nationals and some foreigner, this is information that can give you answers that no amount of surveillance can ever reveal.

Guarantees and Payment

Spy On Thai Investigators GUARANTEES If we feel we cannot perform you investigation we will explain why and will not take your money and then make up false stories which some agencies do unfortunately If we cannot get/do what you require then nobody can, we have the largest network of reliable contacts of any agency in Thailand We will get you the answers though it might not be the answers you want to hear, we give the truth only we will not lie to cover mistakes if any are made which is rare but possible as with any profession.

No hidden costs, all costs and what a job entails are discussed in depth and agreed beforehand We never try to sell you services you do not need, many times customers request data that when explained to them by us shows it would be a waste of their money All surveillance teams carry video/photographic equipment to record events and to prove we are doing what we are paid to do at the times/days requested by you We do not discriminate between Personal and Business Investigation rates.

Please Read Below Please be careful as many websites claiming to be investigators are appearing in the few years. Look for the agency that, explains in detail how they can possibly help you not just ask for money also check payment methods i.e. do they accept credit cards.

We have a set agency rate for standard investigations plus expenses if needed (that we keep to a minimum which is sometimes none at all and discussed before we start the case as different scenarios may require it) We do not charge ridiculous prices. We have 4 teams that are active most of the time. We provide a professional quality service at reasonable rates 365 days a year Our rates are very competitive and reasonably priced. You are receiving a high quality service from professionals that will complete your investigation as quickly and affordably as possible.

The amount of information supplied and time involved determines the cost, once you have completed our questionnaire which is needed to help build as detailed view as possible of the likely timescales and depth of surveillance needed, we will be able to quote you a price.