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(Question - true or false)

Here at Spy On Thai we give your more credit than believing everything you read, Testimonials yes we do have customers offer and some businesses offering to let our clients call them but written testimonials on any website with names changed to protect the customer is like a company offering a money back guarantee when they are bankrupt absolutely useless. Investigators showing these are generally in my opinion treating people as stupid. Everyone always claims your confidentiality is of the upmost importance which if any testimonials are true is contradictive.

First check the investigators are who they say and have been around for as long as they say can tell you this and you will be surprised many that claim 10 years or so service were established 4 years ago how can this be!!! if an investigator cannot tell you the truth about themselves what hope do you have when it comes to a personal or corporate investigation for yourselves. Do they have a mobile number or will they just call you back?? if they will just call you back the chances are high they are not even operating in Thailand they will have a virtual office take your details and then call you back using Skype. The reason for this is having a mobile but roaming overseas would cost them a fortune to receive or make calls but in this business a big give away that they do not operate in Thailand just subcontract. This also allows them once an assignment has started to have no contact with the customer until the investigation is complete as you cannot reach them but too late you have paid your money and have no control over the assignment which is vitally important as once an investigation is active something you discover in the field or via a source can send the investigation in a completely different direction but needs acting upon immediately which is impossible if contact is not kept with the client as it is your money being spent so your investigation which is how at Spy On Thai we like to work.

Once a job is active we will send back a couple of pictures from the location to show we have started your assignment this is so you know we are who we say and doing what we are paid to do, if something important and potentially case changing happens you will be informed immediately to enable you to make the choice on the new direction that the case is taking. Before we start all is agreed on hours start and stop, if this scenario then we stay with overtime or quit and start the next day at every step you are in control of your investigation as no 2 people are the same we all have different personalities and daily routines its not a standard formula for everyone and if an assignment is treated that way then money and time will be wasted rather than concentrated on the job at hand.